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Cover Story

With a new record and a whole new generation of fans, Oakland's Souls of Mischief take it back to the old school

Emma Silvers
Cover Story, Fall Arts 2014, Hiero Day, Hieroglyphics, Left of the Dial, Music Features, Souls of Mischief


Guardian Editorial

Community calls for justice and transparency in police shooting of Nieto after new eyewitness contradicts SFPD version

Rebecca Bowe

The SFPD and police departments across the country get free military equipment, but does it make us safer or provoke violence?

Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez
depression, Opinion, suicide, survivor's guilt

Arts & Culture

FALL ARTS 2014 Looking ahead to a outstanding season of Bay Area dance

Rita Felciano
Fall Arts 2014, Funsch Dance Experience, Joe Goode Performance Group, Liss Fain Dance, Dance

SUPER EGO/FALL ARTS 2014 Hushfest, Katey Red, Deviants, Soul Camp, Sunset Picnic, Bonobo -- we know where you'll be in the nightclub.

Marke B.
Fall Arts 2014, Nightlife, Party Radar, Super Ego, Super Ego

FALL ARTS 2014 Chickens, cats, sharks, and sweet dance moves: fall's offbeat video games

Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez
Catlateral Damage, Fall Arts 2014, Super Smash Bros., Video games, Gamer

FALL ARTS 2014 Film season unspools at a theater (or a park or museum) near you

Cheryl Eddy
Fall Arts 2014, Film Features, Film festivals, first-run films, rep houses

FALL ARTS 2014 Ten top picks from the season's theater calendar

Robert Avila
Cal Performances, Fall Arts 2014, New Conservatory Theatre Center, Theater, Theater

FALL ARTS 2014 Upcoming exhibitions explore politics through art

Matt Sussman
Ai Weiwei, De Young Museum, Fall Arts 2014, Oakland Museum of California, Visual Art

FALL ARTS 2014 A cornucopia of outdoor and indoor fun, family-friendly events, and adult playgrounds

Fall Arts 2014, Fall Fairs and Festivals, Arts & Culture

FALL ARTS 2014 Like a daily multivitamin, your recommended dose of live shows through November

Emma Silvers
Live Shows, Music Festival, Music

Food & Drink

TABLEHOPPING A roundup of all kinds of cool pop-up events happening around the city.

Marcia Gagliardi
Ante Meridian, Biondivino, Charin, Dux, Fall Arts 2014, Food and Drink, Nudnik Foods, Pop-Ups, Tablehopping, Food & Drink

THE WEEKNIGHTER Finding magical fulfillment at Magnolia Dogpatch and Smokestack

Stuart Schuffman, aka Broke-Ass Stuart
Bars, Dogpatch, Food and Drink, Magnolia, Smokestack, The Weeknighter, Food & Drink